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Cloud isnt just a place to work. Its a place to live. And when youre here, youll never want to leave. On the surface, The Warehouse is a thrilling story of corporate espionage at the highest level, but dig a little deeper and youll find a terrifying cautionary tale of the nightmare world we are making for ourselves.--Blake Crouch, New York Times bestselling author of Dark Matter Paxton never thought hed be working for Cloud, the giant tech company thats eaten much of the American economy. Much less that hed be moving into one of the companys sprawling live-work facilities. But compared to whats left outside, Clouds bland chainstore life of gleaming entertainment halls, open-plan offices, and vast warehouseswell, it doesnt seem so bad. Its more than anyone else is offering. Zinnia never thought shed be infiltrating Cloud. But now shes undercover, inside the walls, risking it all to ferret out the companys darkest secrets. And Paxton, with his ordinary little hopes and fears? He just might make the perfect pawn. If she can bear to sacrifice him. As the truth about Cloud unfolds, Zinnia must gamble everything on a desperate scheme--one that risks both their lives, even as it forces Paxton to question everything about the world hes so carefully assembled here. Together, theyll learn just how far the company will goto make the world a better place. Set in the confines of a corporate panopticon thats at once brilliantly imagined and terrifyingly real, The Warehouse is a near-future thriller about what happens when Big Brother meets Big Business--and who will pay the ultimate price. Advance praise for The Warehouse Holy hell, The Warehouse is our future, isnt it? Imagine that one day we screw up the world and our country so damn bad that we all have to live where we work in what amounts to a modern variant on indentured servitude, and then layer on top of that a bleeding-edge thriller set inside a massively autocratic corporate entity, and you still havent seen just how sharp, or scary, this book is. . . . Taut, tense, and masterful. --Chuck Wendig Wildly imaginative yet terrifyingly real, The Warehouse is both a gripping thriller and an alarming glimpse into what could soon be our future. --Riley Sager, New York Times bestselling author of Lock Every Door

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Rob Hart

  • Pays : Etats-unis
  • Langue : Anglais (etats-unis)

Éditeur de romans noirs, directeur de communication politique, conseiller municipal à la ville de New York, le trentenaire Rob Hart est un hyperactif. Il est également auteur d'une série policière (non traduite en France), de nouvelles publiées dans de nombreuses revues de littérature suspense, ainsi que dans les Best American Mystery Stories 2018, et co-auteur d'un roman avec James Patterson. Acheté dans plus de vingt pays et bientôt adapté au cinéma par Ron Howard, MotherCloud est son premier roman à paraître en France. Rob Hart vit à Staten Island avec sa femme et leur fille.