Livres en VO

  • No other guide-book to Paris and its surroundings, will take you through the Paris of Dan Brown's famous Da Vinci Code in such detail.
    All the sights in the story are covered and explained in full : The Louvre, St Sulpice, The Ritz, The American University, Place Vendôme, the château de Villette and even Chartres... These walks will show you Paris from a unique angle. This guide accompanies the reader, step by step, through the main sights of the novel and gives numerous keys to decoding the enigmas and puzzles that Brown has woven into his book.
    It gives the history and background to all the important places and events, offering practical advice as well as information on mysterious and esoteric Paris. The Definitive Guide to The Da Vinci Code, is the indispensable guide for anyone wishing to prolong the pleasure of having read Brown's best-seller. These fascinating guided walks, with their intriguing commentary, will be enjoyed by anyone who wants to explore unusual Paris.